Embrace People. Empower People. Impact Our Community.

Doing Life Together

You are not alone when it comes to your relationship with God. God has given you a community of believers that want to help empower you in your knowledge, faith, and experience.

God has given you the Bible in order for you to know Him. We have discovered that most people have not had the opportunity to read the Bible, ask questions, and discover how God’s word applies to their life. PowerGroups help us to learn about God in a relevant way that impacts our life.

If you want to learn more about God in a positive atmosphere of friends who all desire to be empowered to overcome the difficulties of life, then join a PowerGroup.

We Offer Variety

We offer a few different options when it comes to getting together to study God’s Word. PowerGroups are currently meeting in different locations at a variety of times. You can look over the different days and times below to see if one of these spots fits into your time schedule. Power groups usually contain any where from 4-12 people. They are made up of people in different age groups, with different backgrounds, etc. We take pride that our groups are multi-generational and multi-cultural.

Each PowerGroup has a facilitator that will help you to feel welcome, answer questions for you, and support you in your personal walk with God.


We are eager to meet you soon!